15 Years of Zendesk: A digital celebration and employee activation campaign

Employee engagement and call for memories

Zendesk celebrated its 15th birthday in 2022 after an eventful year of business: attempting to acquire Momentive and then being acquired by private equity firms. As our copywriter put it, "After a year filled with more plot twists than a Harlan Coben thriller, Zendesk has a path forward." This campaign was integral to cutting through the outside news headlines and letting the company mark its own birthday and celebrate it with both new and veteran employees. This project was a close collaboration between the Creative, Internal comms, and our People teams with support from our trusted partners at Phantom Studios.

The project started with an internal call on Slack for employees to submit their favorite memories throughout Zendesk's history. Following the launch, Employees had the opportunity to vote for their favorite moment.


Creative director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Art direction: Kimberly Mar, Reece Wykes
Copywriting: Corey Gedrose, Kendrick Hammond, Julia Oller & Kate Crane
Production design: Paige Carrington
Illustration: Reece Wykes, Kimberly Mar, Nous Vous
Additional illustrations: Freya Dobrindt, DeAnna Akpobiyeri, Gemma Purkiss
Events enablement: Freya Dobrindt, Gemma Purkiss, Julia Manzischke
Website design & build: Phantom studios

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