Brand activation: "Help my AI!"

Role: Lead in-house producer

Alongside launching a new brand, the team was tasked with additionally creating a splashy new campaign to promote our new AI product capabilities and designed to stop people scrolling through their feeds.

Strategic approach

Objective: Create a social campaign to support our AI product launch.

Requirements: Aligns with the brand refresh look, feel and tone; differentiates Zendesk AI from a crowded AI product market.

Execution: Partnership between in-house Zendesk Creative team and Phantom Studios to develop concept, characters, and campaign plan.

Challenges: Urgency to launch on the momentum of Zendesk's key event, Relate, meant that the team had about four weeks from concept approval to initial asset delivery; execution approach required complex 3D animation.


Creative director: Ethan Kanat
Campaign CD: Sam Bathe
Director of Brand Campaign: Julie Smith
Director of Social: Josh Hayes
Creative and production agency: Phantom Studios

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