In late 2022, our iconic "Champions of customer service" brand campaign needed a refresh to make use of available media spendโ€”but the team was also in the midst of a brand refresh that was just kicking off. The team decided to continue evolving and leveraging the existing slogan, but to expand it to include, "Powered by Zendesk," a phrase that is in almost everyone's inbox.

Performance results and testing showed that people and faces performed the best, so for this campaign, the team decided to incorporate a talent-driven approach as opposed to our iconic and colorful typographic approach (above).

While staying in the world of scenarios that Zendesk helps you with, the Zendesk Creative team and Brooklyn Brothers created assets for an OTT + OLV campaign that expanded the world to visualize those customers and agents.

Refreshing a Classic

Customer power, powered by Zendesk

Magical customer experiences, powered by Zendesk

Rain to shine, powered by Zendesk


Creative director: Ethan Kanat
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Campaigns Associate Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Copywriting: Corey Gedrose
Production design: Paige Carrington
Additional design support: Freya Dobrindt, Adam Menton
Production Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
Media Agency: Noble People

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