CX Trends 2023 Activation | Zendesk's largest thought leadership campaign

Eech year, Zendesk's experts and researchers release their top "CX trends" to watch for in the space. This year, the creative, social and research teams came together to create a social-first video series that broke down each of the five trends in a digestible and eye-catching format designed for the feeds.

Spicing up the trends

Each of the five videos put our lovely leaders through a different unusual and playful challenge that brought to life a different chapter of the report at the core of the campaign, encouraging viewers to download the full report.

Strategic approach

Harmony with existing content formats

One of our largest content efforts of 2022 that I helped drive, was a video series called "Conversations with Zendesk." As we ideated on this video series, we decided to further invest in the Conversations with Zendesk world of content, which aligned with the goal of that series (Zendesk experts discussing the latest product features and trends in the space). However, that presented a new challenge of marrying the art directions of both Conversations with Zendesk and the CX Trends experience elegantly.


Our talented creatives had to strike a fine balance between piquing the interest of viewers on LinkedIn and Instagram and not giving away the meat of the report. Scripts had core insights that our host, CX writer and expert Jay Baer, would hit on throughout the filming of the challenges. As the larger CX Trends campaign rolled out, these videos would be dropped and promoted throughout the launch to continue driving interest and traffic to the report experience.


Creative director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Concept: Sam Bathe, Corey Gedrose
Writers: Sam Bathe, Kendrick Hammond
Sound Engineer: Daniel Petersen
Production house: The Brooklyn Brothers, Kracken Cove Productions

Using Format