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Role: Producer

2019 Redesign: Introducing tags, topic and series pages to Google's About site.


As a producer on the Google About site, I managed a team of 4 developers and 3 QA engineers for about 3 months. We used Agile methodology to continuously release site updates and pages to production daily. I produced a functional site redesign (adding new navigation features) that was being rolled out across 38 articles, in all Google locales. Major page launches were planned as 2-3 week build sprints. As a producer, I ran the daily morning stand-ups for developers to raise blockers and also planned the queue of work to reduce backlog and to provide clarity.


Google's Editorial site about.google was finding that many users were bouncing off the site after reading a single story. We implemented new modules from their design team intended to drive traffic within the site.


I received the design files from Google's design team, aligned on the functionality components with our development team and stakeholders. I scoped the timeline and budget for implementing across all 34 story pages. We also added the ability to sort stories by tags, such as "Sustainability."


Through this large site update, we improved the user experience and navigation overall, significantly improving traffic (by about 30% in the first month) from story to story for our millions of visitors.

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