Re-designing our Industry pages | RingCentral

Role: Project Manager

Overhauling 19 vertical marketing pages targeted at highlighting product features for specific industries such as Education, Healthcare, Retail.


RingCentral Product Marketing identified a need for a landing pages targeted at highlighting how our product served the unique needs of each of our customer's industries.


I managed our team of 3 web designers and 6 Vertical Marketing Product Marketer (stakeholders) to create a template that could highlight the specific certifications and API integrations required by each Industry.

Validated template requirements with development team and defined hand-off process in order to launch 10 new pages in a quarter.


Image selection was the highest-touch phase of building these webpages. Gathering unique Industry requirements for photos (for example: no minors for the Education page; no clipboards for Medical Workers as it is an outdated  stereotype, etc) before starting design helped greatly expedite the review process and eliminate up to 2 review cycles.

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