"Forward" Customer Stories Campaign | RingCentral

Even in an unprecedented year, passion couldn’t be paused. Forward set out to capture the stories from real RingCentral customers who found new ways to stay connected, work together, and use our platform to keep their dreams going. 

The San Francisco Symphony

The RingCentral Brand team partnered with our customer, The San Francisco Symphony, to tell the story of how they transformed their holiday programming during the pandemic and made it more accessible than ever before.


Based in San Francisco, Super7 is the premier pop-culture design and production house that creates collectables, toys and apparel. Harnessing their love for science fiction, giant monsters, punk rock and rebellion, Super 7 built an innovative business that isn't bound by traditional manufacturing. Together, they bring their world to life one project–or video meeting, at a time. 


Creative director: JP Walti
Associate creative directors: Astra Sodarsono, Earl Little
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Production Agency: Hybrid Design

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