When Lighting The Voids AR | StoryWorks, Reveal News

“When Lighting the Voids” is a spatial audio drama inspired by Reveal’s investigation into a deadly explosion at a Mississippi shipyard. This deconstructed mystery is based on real accounts, real events and real people.

Photo illustrations by Jon Bernson.

When Lighting The Voids premiered at Gray Area SF's Immersive Artist Showcase in November 2020. The project is a deconstructed mystery culled from investigative reporting, personal interviews and site-specific recordings. Re-enacting the events of a deadly explosion in a Mississippi Gulf Coast Shipyard, this audio-driven AR experience gets to the truth of the tragic safety violations at the VT Halter Shipyard. Listeners will be transported onboard the tugboat Achievement during a fatal explosion.

This StoryWorks production is presented in partnership with Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. StoryWorks is a groundbreaking theater project that transforms investigative reporting into documentary plays and audio dramas. Originally a play and now a podcast, When Lighting The Voids features Zeb Hollins*, Todd d’Amour*, Alec Barnes*, Christopher Robinson, Eduardo Lossan* and Zachary Paige Westbrook. The walk-around AR experience is developed and produced by Kevin Tsukii and Cassandra Herrman. Unity design by Kraig Fujii.

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA

The full podcast was released via Reveal News in December 2019 and is available for download here on Apple Podcasts.

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