Re-visualizing and Interacting with the Stock Market | WSJ AR

Integrating augmented reality features into The Wall Street Journal's iOS and Android apps
Role: Project Manager

To bring the WSJ to life for Android and iOS users, the Journal partnered with Emblematic to develop an innovative and interactive AR visualization of the U.S. stock markets with live market data integrated.

Users can project a holographic 3D view of the live U.S. stock market onto the real world, offering a groundbreaking way to see how the daily drama of the U.S. stock market is unfolding. Users can place the hologram on a table or floor, and explore the rising and falling sectors of the U.S. stock market with their camera.

I managed a UI/UX designer, two developers and interfaced with the WSJ team to design a new spatial way of representing percent change, market cap and types of change.

The AR features are available to all on the iOS and Android app stores.

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